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Hydro Power & Tunnels

Completed and Ongoing Projects

Construction of 40.8 MW KOTO Hydropower Project, District Lower Dir.

Client: PEDO

Construction of Power House Ventilation Tunnel (Exploratory Adit) – Keyal Khwar.

Client: WAPDA

Costruction of Dasu Hydropower Project Contract DHP-06, 07 Tunnel/Adit for Main Dam.

Client: WAPDA

Kohal Hydropower Project – Contract No. KHP-AD-1, AD-2 for Excavation of exploratory tunnel.

Client: WAPDA

Costruction of Forebay, Spillway, Channel, Penstock, Anchor Blocks, Power House and Tail Race, 3.2 MW Rehra Hydro Power Project.

Client: HEB