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Electrical Works

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Electrification of Lahore Wagha Road facility from Doraghawala to Wahga Border with Service Roand and Drain in the built up Area.

Client: C&W


Electrification of Parkview Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore.

Client: Private Sector


Electrification of Judicial Town & Professional Town, Islamabad.

Client: Private Sector


Electrification of Approach Road and Sewerage in Multan (BZU) University.

Client: BZU


Electrification of Mohlanwal Housing Scheme, Lahore .

Client: LDA


Electrification of Right Bank of Lahore Canal from Muslim Town to Kamharpura.

Client: C & W


Electrification of Army Staff Colony Mess, Rahimyarkhan.

Client: GE (Army)


Electrification of Left side of Lahore Canal.

Client: C & W


Electrification Works including erection of LT/HT Lines and Street Lighting with installation of Switchgear at Kamra.

Client: DW & CE


Electrification of Bhukkan Bridge over River Sutlej in District Bahawlanagar.

Client: C & W


Electrification of Pul Mauj Darya Muradkhana Road in Multan City.

Client: MDA


Electrification of Outfall Road, Lahore.

Client: LDA


Electrification of Approach Road to New Bridge at River Ravi, Lahore.

Client: LDA


External Electrification Works: Commercial Area Bloch ‘D’ of EMECHS, Lahore.

Client: Private Sector