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Sarwar and Company’s Story

S&C has a proven track record in achieving targeted goals from inception to execution of any specific project. The Company has the capability to handle high finance technical and engineering projects in the Industrial, Power, Infrastructure and Environmental sectors, as well as high rise building projects. Multiple controls are applied throughout the scope of the project, from initiation to contract close out.

S&C is duly registered and is pre-qualified with a number of government and non-governmental departments.

Market Sectors

S&C owns and operates one of the largest fleet of construction equipment and machinery in Pakistan; a fleet which can handle all aspects of the Company’s operations. The Company also owns a Heavy Equipment Workshop in Islamabad, stocked and updated with top-grade inventory of spare parts. Additionally, several Mobile Workshops have been setup across the Country for field requirements which are regularly restocked with the latest equipment. 

High quality material produced by Sarwar & Company backed by support of our expert consultants to fulfill a whole range of applications in the market.

We are a leading Roads & Highways Contractor. Our workmanship and expertise are unparalleled. Sarwar & Company stands pre-approved for most government projects.